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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 15 Minuten 2 Punkte

    Listening Comprehension

    Listen to the following track an tick the right answers. 

    Inhalt wird geladen...

    a. Which of the following events happened first? 
    __ basketball was invented.
    __ World Cup competition was invented.
    __ organized soccer games began.
    __ baseball began in the U.S

    b. Pelé is a famous ...
    ​__ soccer player. 
    __ basketball player. 
    __ baseball coach.
    __ baseball player.

  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 4 Punkte


    Listen to the track again and answer the questions.

    a. Why did Naismith invent basketball?

    b. Why does basketball only have five players in each team?

    c. When does the baseball season start in the United Sates?

    d. Which sport did people play first – baseball or basketball?

  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 12 Punkte


    Read these sports descriptions. What games are they?

    You do this sport inside or outside. You can’t do it alone. You play with a partner. You need a small ball. You can play with three other people.

    You usually do this sport inside. You play in a team. There are six players in a team. You play with a ball. You mustn’t use your feet.

    You do this sport outside. You can do it alone. You must hit a little ball into a hole.

    You do this sport inside in winter and outside in summer. You do it alone. You get wet.

    You do this sport inside. You can’t do it alone. You must roll a very big ball and the ball must hit nine or ten wooden things. You get points for the number of things that you knock over.

    You do this sport outside. You play in a team. In this sport you must hit a ball with a bat and then run around in a circle.

  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 8 Punkte


    Go or Play? Put the right verb in the correct form in the sentence.

    My father ________ jogging every day.

    I ________ football in the afternoon. 

    In the summer we ________ swimming every day.

    He ________ basketball, hockey and tennis. 

    My friend ________ horse riding on Saturdays.

    Bob ________ climbing in the mountains every weekend.

    My father is learning to ________ golf.

    Peter loves to ________ kayaking in white water.

  • Aufgabe 5

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 2 Punkte


    Say in English that ...

    a. Fußball der beliebteste Sport ist.

    b. der Torwart seine Hände benutzen darf.