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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 15 Minuten 7 Punkte


    Read the text and find headings for each paragraph. Note them in the prepared lines in the text.

    a. Heading:        
    The men were angry and impatient. They had been in this dirty old cave for over two months now. They had been waiting but nothing had happened. When they first came to the cave they had all been very happy to have found such a good hiding place. The cave was quite big, enough room for the 36 men and their king, Robert the Bruce of Scotland. “If we put some more rocks in front of the cave, King Edward and his men will never find us,” Robert the Bruce said after they had found the cave.
    b. Heading       
    Scotland was at war. King Robert wanted a free and independent Scotland, but his enemy, King Edward, wanted to rule over both England and Scotland, so he had brought a big army to fight against the rebels. The Scottish army had lost almost every battle. Robert the Bruce just did not have enough men to beat the English soldiers. He needed time to think of a good strategy before the next battle, so he had decided to make the cave the new home for himself and his men.
    c. Heading       
    King Robert could feel that his men were restless. They wanted to fight against the people they hated so much because they had taken away their land, made them prisoners and even killed their people. “The men are soldiers, Robert, they would rather die than hide here any longer,” Walter the Steward, Robert’s good friend, said. “They will have to be patient,” King Robert replied. “We have fought and lost so many battles, we must win the next one. If only I had more men. I can’t fight another battle with only a few men.” “And you can’t win a battle in a cave, can you?” Sir Andrew Douglas shouted at his king. He was a very good soldier, but also sometimes wild and hot-headed. “I won’t hide any longer,” he shouted, ran out of the cave, took his horse and rode away angrily. “Another good man has left you,”Walter said with a sad voice. “If you don’t do something soon, there will be more to follow him. ”The King looked very sad and said: “I wish I knew what to do.”
    d. Heading       
    Later that evening Robert was watching the fire in the cave, still thinking about his problem. He couldn’t sleep, he was too worried. His men were thin and weak, they didn’t have enough food anymore. At dinner Walter had even shared the little food he had with the other men. He was such a kind man. King Robert had not eaten anything. He had just not been able to. He had thought of his dead brothers and the rest of his family, prisoners of the English, even his wife and children.
    e. Heading       
    At least his men could sleep. It was silent in the cave. Lost in his thoughts he watched a small spider which was spinning a web in a corner of the cave. Because of the wind and the rough rocks the web broke again and again, but the spider did not give up. One – two – three times it started again. While he was watching it, Robert suddenly felt very tired and fell asleep.
    f. Heading       
    When he woke up again it was already morning. He opened his eyes and looked around. All his men were still sleeping. He looked in the direction where he had seen the spider in the night. King Robert smiled for the first time in many days. In front of him was a perfect spider’s web. “It never gave up,” he said to himself. “The spider lost its web again and again, but it always started again. ”He looked at the web for a long time. “I can do it like the spider. I will not give up! If that little spider can finish its web, I can beat the English. ”Suddenly he felt strong again.
    g. Heading       
    He made up his plan and woke his men up. “Walter, send a soldier to Stirling. Tell them that we will arrive in four days, that we are ready for the next battle and that we need every man. I’m sure they will help us.” It was in the year 1314 that Robert the Bruce fought the battle that was to free Scotland from the English. Today it is famous as the Battle of Bannockburn. 9,000 brave Scotsmen faced 25,000 English soldiers – and won! Their King had told them that the enemy would be defeated if they just didn’t give up.

  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Answer the following questions on the text of Aufgabe 1.

    1. Why are King Robert’s men angry and thin?
    2. How does the spider help Robert the Bruce?
    3. What kind of person is Walter the Steward?
  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 12 Punkte


    Fill the spaces with either a reflexive pronoun or a reciprocal pronoun.

    1. Look at your hand. You have cut ____ with the knife.
    2. Billy and Jeff don’t do anything together. I don’t think they like ____ .
    3. Tom and Jenny always help ____  with the washing-up.
    4. How was the concert? Did you enjoy ____ , Tina?
    5. Some people like talking about ____  all the time.
    6. He did it by ____ .
  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Mark the correct pronoun in the following sentences. 

    1. Friends usually give themselves / each other presents at Christmas.
    2. Anna and I don’t see us / ourselves / each other very often.
    3. My brother always cuts his hair – / himself.
    4. Stop talking about you / – / yourself. That’s boring.
    5. While Mary and John were talking to each other / themselves they were looking at each other / themselves.
    6. He can’t imagine – / himself what might happen next.
  • Aufgabe 5

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Make a sentence from the given words and add a pronoun if necessary. Pay attention to the correct word order! 

    1. Cats / to clean / every day
    2. Mike / to enjoy / usually / at parties
    3. I / not to feel / very well / at the moment
    4. Pat and Jill / to understand / without saying anything
    5. There / to be / red apple and / a green
    6. Sally’s friends / to play with / often / a game of cards