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Verben (2)

Aufgabe 1


Complete the list with the family members.


a. wife husband

b. grandmother grandfather

c. mother father

d. daughter son

e. aunt uncle

f. sister brother

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Aufgabe 2


Read the text and answer the questions below.

This is my family. My father's name is Bill and my mother's name is Kate. My sister is nine. Her name is Linda. And my baby brother is one year old. His name is Robert. My father's sister is great. Her name is Jenny. My grandmother is 100! It's her birthday today. Oh, yes, my name is Tim. And I'm ten years old.
Jenny's daughter is Mary and her son is Jeff. They are twins.
My mum's brother is from New York. His name is Tom. He is 49 years old. His son's name is Bob. Bob is my cousin. I like him!


  right wrong not in the text
Tim's father's name is Bobby.   x  
It's his sister's birthday today.   x  
Tim's aunt Jenny is great. x    
Linda is 49.   x  
Tim's grandmother lives in London.     x
His cousins Mary and Jeff are 11 and 13.   x  
Linda is Tim's sister. x    
Bob is ten.     x
Tim's Uncle Tom is from New York. x    
Tim is Mr and Mrs Baker's daughter.   x  


a. His mother's name is Kate.

b. That's (Aunt) Jenny.

c. That's Robert.

d. Uncle Tom is from New York.

e. It is Tim's grandmother's birthday.

f. Tim is ten (years old).

g. Her name is Jenny.

h. He is 49 (years old).

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Aufgabe 3


Translate the sentences.

a. Mein Bruder ist 12 Jahre alt.

b. Das ist ihre Tante Debbie.

c. Ist unser Großvater aus Deutschland?

d. Heißt seine kleine Schwester Emma?

e. Ich mag deinen Onkel Colin.


a. My brother is 12 years old.

b. That's her/their Aunt Debbie.

c. Is our grandfather from Germany?

d. Is his little sister's name Emma?

e. I like your Uncle Colin.

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Aufgabe 4


Fill in the correct forms of the verb to be.


Ann: "My name is Ann Scott. I am from Great Britain. My family lives in London. We are all very happy in London. My Aunt Mary and my Uncle John are very nice. Terry and Sam are Aunt Mary's and Uncle John's sons."

Terry: "I am twelve and you are ten, Sam.

We are brothers. You are my little brother.

And Ann is our cousin. She isn't a computer fan."

Mrs Scott: "Sam and Terry, are you okay?"

Sam and Terry: "Yes, we are. But the football is in Mr Green's garden!"

Mrs Scott: "Oh no! Mr Green isn't at home. He is in the city with his children."

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Aufgabe 5


Fill in the correct possessive pronouns.


Sarah: Hello. I am Sarah and this is my little monster family. We live in our house in Garden Street. Look, there is Becky, my little sister. Her bike is new. And there is Tom, my brother.

His bike is very old. Mum and Dad are in the supermarket. They always go shopping with their big shopping bag. I am in my room now.

Tom: Sarah, can I have your bike? My is so old.

Sarah: No, Tom. You can't have my bike. I go to school by bike.

Becky: Jenny, my new friend, is nice. Her bike is new, too. We both like our bikes.

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