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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 5 Punkte


    Select the correct equivalent used in indirect speech for the following pronouns used in direct speech.

    1. I (a man)
    a) he  b) she  c) you
    2. we
    a) you  b) they  c) us
    3. your
    a) their b) you  c) your
    4. you (plural)
    a) you  b) we  c) they
    5. my (a woman)
    a) his  b) her  c) she

  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 10 Punkte


    Look at the direct speech passages and fill the gaps of the indirect speech sentences.

    Rita: Simon, I want to go to the concert on Tuesday. Do you want to come with me?

    Rita said she _______ to go to the concert on Tuesday. She asked whether he ______________ with her.

    Simon: I can’t. I have lots of homework to do. Dad was quite upset about my last class test.

    Simon said he _________________. He added that he _______________ lots of homework to do and that his Dad ___________ quite upset about his last class test.

    Rita: Talk to your Dad. That test was very unfair.

    Rita told Simon _________________ his Dad. She said that test ___________ very unfair.

    Simon: My Dad is not interested in that. He always tells me I need good grades to become a lawyer.

    Simon answered that his Dad _____________ in that, and that he always ____________ him he _____________ good grades to become a lawyer.

    Rita: Are you serious? Do you really want to be a lawyer? I think you should be a social worker, because you always care for other people.

    Rita asked whether Simon __________ serious, and if he really _____________ a lawyer. She said he ________________ a social worker, because he always ____________ for other people.

    Simon: Thanks for your help, Rita. I will talk to my Dad tomorrow.

    Simon thanked Rita for her help. He said he ___________ to his Dad the next day.

  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 10 Punkte


    A group of friends will go on holiday together next week. They have a meeting to organize the last things. Ryan can’t come so he phones his friend Simon who tells him everything the others said.

    Put the following sentences into indirect speech.

    1. Samantha: We’re meeting at the airport on Tuesday at 7.30.

    2. Chris: I’ll need some coffee if we’re leaving so early in the morning.

    3. Michael: I am looking forward to dinner at the hotel.

    4. Shanice: I think it is going to be a wonderful holiday.

    5. Simon: Don’t forget to bring your bikinis and swimming trunks.

    6. Cynthia: Have you checked your passports are valid?

  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 10 Punkte


    Imagine you are Polly, Anna’s best friend, and you write a diary entry about the break-up talk Anna had with Tom.
    Complete the following sentences:
    Dear diary,
    The other day I had a really sad talk with Anna. I was so happy for her until she told me that _________________________ . At first, Tom behaved normally and asked Anna _____________________ . Anna even told him that ___________________ a present for him. Suddenly, Tom said __________________________________ . Then Anna asked him why he ___________________________ with her now . Tom explained that _________________________ . Anna did not understand and asked again ____________________ . Tom finally told Anna the truth: He said that ______________________________with another girl . Anna cried and told him that he should ___________________________ . At last, Tom said that ________________________________ and left Anna standing there on her own. What a day!
    Yours, Polly
  • Aufgabe 5

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 8 Punkte


    Listen to the following fragment about friendship and fill in the missing information. Use indirect speech!

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    1. Tracey from Bristol explained that the problem was that her daughter _____________________________ .
    2. Tracey asked the professor if she ______________________________ .
    3. The professor explained that friendships ________________________ .
    4. For the boys, the professor said, it ___________________________ .
    5. The professor explained that girls ________________________ .
    6. The professor told Tracey that she ______________________ .
    7. Then, he explained that friendships _______________________________ .
    8. The professor warns Tracey that ____________________________ .