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Indirect Speech (2)

6. Lernjahr 45 Minuten
  • Aufgabe 1

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    Select the correct equivalent used in indirect speech for the following pronouns used in direct speech.

    1. I (a man)
    a) he  b) she  c) you
    2. we
    a) you  b) they  c) us
    3. your
    a) their b) you  c) your
    4. you (plural)
    a) you  b) we  c) they
    5. my (a woman)
    a) his  b) her  c) she

  • Aufgabe 2

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    Complete the following sentences using indirect speech.

    Polly: Hey, Anna! You do look depressed! What's happened? Have you and Tom had a row or what?
    Polly said that Anna ___________ depressed. She asked her what __________________ . She thought that she and Tom ______________________ a row.
    Anna: No, it's not that. It's far worse. Oh, Polly, he's broken it off - it's all over!
    Anna explained that it ________________ that. She said that Tom ____________________ it off.
    Polly: Oh, Anna! I'm so sorry! But you should have told him how you feel about him. […]
    Polly said that she _______________ very sorry. She suggested that Anna ________________him how she _______________ about him.
    Anna: I did tell him, Polly! But it was too late. He's found someone else.
    Anna stated that it ___________________ too late because he ____________________ someone else.

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  • Aufgabe 3

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    Put the following sentences into indirect speech. Leave out the underlined words.
    1. Polly: Well, honestly, Anna, I never liked Tom that much. […] Did he ever really care about you? I don't think he's the right person for you actually.
    2. Nicky: Nor do I. Don't be too sad, Anna. There are lots of other nice lads around. […]
    3. Anna: […] Oh, Nicky, I never guessed Tom was cheating on me. […] He was always saying, like, how much schoolwork he had. And all this time, it was some other girl he was so busy with!
    4. Nicky: Forget about him, that's what I say!

    Textquelle: BY GYM 09 Green Line New 5 Learning English S.44

  • Aufgabe 4

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    Imagine you are Polly, Anna’s best friend, and you write a diary entry about the break-up talk Anna had with Tom.
    Complete the following sentences:
    Dear diary,
    The other day I had a really sad talk with Anna. I was so happy for her until she told me that _________________________ . At first, Tom behaved normally and asked Anna _____________________ . Anna even told him that ___________________ a present for him. Suddenly, Tom said __________________________________ . Then Anna asked him why he ___________________________ with her now . Tom explained that _________________________ . Anna did not understand and asked again ____________________ . Tom finally told Anna the truth: He said that ______________________________with another girl . Anna cried and told him that he should ___________________________ . At last, Tom said that ________________________________ and left Anna standing there on her own. What a day!
    Yours, Polly
  • Aufgabe 5

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    Listen to the following fragment about friendship and fill in the missing information. Use indirect speech!

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    1. Tracey from Bristol explained that the problem was that her daughter _____________________________ .
    2. Tracey asked the professor if she ______________________________ .
    3. The professor explained that friendships ________________________ .
    4. For the boys, the professor said, it ___________________________ .
    5. The professor explained that girls ________________________ .
    6. The professor told Tracey that she ______________________ .
    7. Then, he explained that friendships _______________________________ .
    8. The professor warns Tracey that ____________________________ .