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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Which sentences describe situations that are realistic/likely, and which sentences describe situations that are theoretical/unlikely?

    1. If we visit the Baltic Sea this summer, we’ll swim every day. ______________
    2. My aunt will call you if she needs a babysitter this Saturday. ______________
    3. If you asked him to the cinema, I’m sure he would say yes. ______________
    4. If she spent more time studying, she would get better grades. ______________
    5. If you play the radio too loudly, you’ll annoy the neighbours. ______________
    6. We could plan our group project if we met after school today. ______________
  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 21 Punkte


    Your class is meeting to vote for the class spokesperson. This year there are two candidates, Ronny and Sandra. Complete the gaps to form type I and type II if-clauses.

    Ronny: “If I ________________ (to be) our class spokesperson, I ________________ (to talk) to the school directors about our problems. I know your time is important. Class meetings take too much time, so if I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson, we __________ (to not have) class meetings, we _______________ (to use) instant messaging to communicate. Plus, I promise that if I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson, I ________________ (to organize) a table tennis club for our class and we ________________ (to have) a big tournament at the end of the year.”

    Sandra: “If I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson, I ________________ (to create) a social networking page for our class and I ________________ (to update) it every week. But it’s important to meet and discuss things, so I ________________ (to hold) class meetings once a month. Finally, if I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson, I ________________ (to convince) our teachers that we should go to Hawaii for our class trip during the winter holidays.”

    Pia: “The class spokesperson never asks us what we think until it’s too late. If I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson, I ________________ (to not hold) meetings, I ________________ (to use) online surveys.”

    Adam: “The class spokesperson always makes decisions without us. I ________________ (to ask) the class to vote on important issues if I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson.”

    Kerry: “Being the class spokesperson is tough job. If I ________________ (to be) the class spokesperson, I ________________ (to want) to get paid for all that work!”

  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 10 Punkte


    Read each sentence. Use the information in each picture to write a statement with a type III if-clause that describes what the person or people would have done if the situation had been different.


    Eric ate a big breakfast.

    Mädchen in der Schule mit Schulbüchern

    If Eric hadn’t eaten a big breakfast, he would have eaten pizza with us at lunchtime.


    1. Katherine broke her leg.


    2. Iris didn’t buy groceries.


    3. Lewis lost his keys.


    4. The team didnt score the goal.


    5. It rained during our holiday.

  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 20 Minuten 30 Punkte


    How would your life be different if you lived in an English-speaking country? Pick an English-speaking country you know about. Use type II if-clauses to describe how your life would be different. You could think about: what your town/city or home would look like, where you would go to school and how it would be different from your current school, and what you would do in the evenings and at the weekends, etc. Write at least 8-10 sentences.