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Klassenarbeit: Substantive und Artikel 1

Aufgabe 1


Fill in a or an.

___ animal

___ orange

___ fish

___ banana

___ old cat

___ apple

___ mouse

___ idea

___ elephant

___ easy exercise

___ uniform

___ hobby

___ uncle

___ interesting hobby

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  14

Aufgabe 2


Sarah is on summer holidays and sends Andrew a postcard. Fill in the definite article, if necessary.

Dear Andrew,

How are you? I’m fine. Italy is great. ___ weather is fantastic. In the morning we usually have a big breakfast. After ___ breakfast we walk to ___ beach and go for a swim in ___ sea. In the afternoon we sometimes go to little towns by ___ bus. ___ shops are quite nice and ___ clothes are a bit cheaper than in England. We usually sit down in one of ___ cafés and have some ice cream. After ___ supper we often play ___ cards or listen to ___ radio. Sometimes we play ___ table tennis. What are you doing in your holidays?

Love, Sarah

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  12

Aufgabe 3


Fill in the dialogue. The picture below helps you to find the words.

Klassenarbeit: Substantive und Artikel 1 - Abbildung 1

Klassenarbeit: Substantive und Artikel 1 - Abbildung 2

Klassenarbeit: Substantive und Artikel 1 - Abbildung 3

Sue: “Hi Kate! What are you doing?”

Kate: “Oh, I’m looking for ______________________. What about you?”

Sue: “I need ______________________ for the summer.”

Kate: “You’re right. My old ______________________ are too small. I need a new pair, too.”

Sue: “Shopping always makes me tired. Let’s go and sit down somewhere.”

Kate: “That’s a good idea. Would you like ______________________?”

Sue: “No, I think I’ll have ______________________.”

Kate: “Me, too. Let’s get ______________________ at that tea room over there.”


  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  7

Aufgabe 4


a. Hemd

b. Krawatte

c. Turnschuhe

d. Weste

e. jacket

f. hat

g. sweatshirt

h. rain coat

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  8

Aufgabe 5


Listen to track and fill in the missing words.

## Platzhalter Audio Player ##

Pete is at the zoo today. He always wanted to go there because he likes ________________. He has got a ________________, four ________________ and two ________________. His uncle is going with him. When they enter the zoo, they can already see some ________________ and ________________. Look, over there! There are four ________________. But where are the ________________? Pete has seen them in his book at home. His favourite animals are ________________. First, they pass the ________________ and next to them, there is one huge ________________ with its ________________ – how cute, but it is already so huge! Pete's uncle is taking a lot of photos because Pete collects all kinds of pictures with animals in them.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  12

Aufgabe 6


Translate the sentences.

a. Mrs Stevens hat ein altes Auto, aber Mr Stevens hat ein neues Fahrrad.

b. Das neue Haus der Stevens befindet sich am Ende der Mill Road.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  4
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