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Prepositions of place and direction (Präpositionen des Ortes und der Richtung) geben eine räumliche Beziehung an.
Zu ihnen gehören: above · across · all over · around · at · behind · below · between · close to · for · from · in · in front of · inside · into · near · next to · on · opposite · out of · over · past · round · through · to · to the left/right of · towards · under


  • His flat is above a news agency.
  • The horse jumped across the hedge.
  • We live across the street from the Wilkinsons.
  • He sends e-mails to his friends all over the world.
  • Deborah turned around quickly.
  • My brother hid behind the curtain.
  • The car was parked right below her window.
  • Platform 13a is located between platforms 13 and 14.
  • Tom sat on a chair close to the fire. (nahe am)
  • What do you keep inside this old chest?
  • Vincent stepped into the cool church.
  • We live near the station.
  • The cinema is next to the pub “Lamb and Flag.”
  • There’s a new Starbucks opposite the old fire station.
  • Dark clouds hung over the city.
  • He walked round the lake.

Ortsbestimmungen mit der Präposition 'at'

  • There was a knock at the door.
  • You sign a letter at the bottom of the page.
  • This train doesn’t stop at Exeter, does it? 

Ortsbestimmungen mit der Präposition 'in'

  • We arrived in Paris in the middle of the night.
  • I want to visit every country in the world.
  • First, the children played badminton in the streets, then they went swimming in the lake.

Ortsbestimmungen mit der Präposition 'on'

  • Don’t forget to put a lid on the pot.
  • There’ s a new clothes shop on the main road.
  • On the right you can see the old town hall.

Ortsbestimmungen mit der Präposition 'to'

  • Why do I always have to go to bed so early?
  • Have you ever been to Scotland?
  • I hope you'll come to my party.


in und at bei Ortsangaben
bei Städten und Ländern to arrive in We arrived in London / in England on Wednesday.
bei Dörfern at und in Our train stopped at Oakham.
We lived in Boscastle.
andere Ortsangaben at We met our relatives at the train station.


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