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Mediation: Medien sind für die Integration von Ausländern eher hinderlich


For an international school project on media and integration in the EU, summarize the relevant information on the image of migrants in German media. (20%)

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According to a study by the research institute Media Tenor International, migrants have a clearly negative image in German media.

They are a minor concern in the news reports and feature less than one per cent of the publications, most of which are negative. When reporting about crimes, the foreign background of both culprit and victim are often pointed out as a possible motive. Thus, the prejudice of migrants being connected to criminal activities is frequently transported by the media.
However, considering the depiction of Muslims, there has been a positive trend. They are often described as opponents of violence.

To sum things up, the media do not support the integration of migrants but keep up the distrust of the locals and discriminate migrants.

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