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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 14 Punkte


    Listen to the track and fill in the missing words.

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    This is the Green's house. It has got a lovely __________ with a __________ and a __________. But the Green's haven't got a __________. When you open the front door you enter the __________. There is a __________ on the right. Mr Green's __________ is next to the toilet. The __________, the __________ and the __________ are on the left. Let's go upstairs now. Where are the __________? Here they are. There are three __________ and one big __________. Have the Greens got an __________? Yes, they have. The children often play there.

  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 5 Punkte


    Fill the blanks with the negated (verneint) forms in the simple present and the present progressive.

      verneintes simple present verneintes present progressive
    he works    
    we talk    
    they listen    
    you run    
    she eats    
  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 11 Punkte


    Simple present or present progressive?

    It is Monday morning. Sandra Summer usually __________ (to go) to school on weekdays. But today she __________ (to stay) at home because she __________ (to have) a bad headache. Mrs Summer usually __________ (to work) three days a week in a bookstore. This week, however, she __________ (to work) five days because her boss is on holidays. She __________ just __________ (to sell) a book to a woman with a baby. On Wednesdays, Mr Summer often __________ (to play) a football match with his colleagues from work. Today is Wednesday, and at the moment, his team __________ (to lead) the match by three goals (Tore). Sandra's CD-player is broken. Mr Summer __________ (to repair) it now. Sandra __________ (not / can / help) her dad.

  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Write out the numbers in words.

     a. 47
     b. 92
     c. 75
     d. 14
     e. 28
     f.  33

  • Aufgabe 5

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 12 Punkte


    What a family!

    Marion's family is English, but they are not in England at the moment. Marion's father is in Saudi Arabia with his brother. They are engineers (Ingenieure). Her aunt, Ann, is in Canada. She is a teacher and she is on a visit there with her class. Marion's mother is in Japan at the moment. She is with Marion's brother. He is a student and he is in Japan for a year. Is Marion alone at home? No, she isn't. She is in Bonn with her German grandparents. Marion is only 10 years old. It is great with her grandparents. Her grandfather is very good at tennis and her grandmother is good at playing dominoes. So Marion is not lonely. It's fun with her grandparents.

    a. Correct the sentences.

       Marion's brother is in Canada.
       Her uncle is in Japan.
       Her parents are in Saudi Arabia.
       Her grandmother is good at tennis.

    b. Answer the questions in a full sentence.

       How long is Marion's brother in Japan?
       Who is not in England at the moment?
       Where is Marion's grandmother?
       Why is Marion not alone?​