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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Choose one of the words below to describe each situation.

    not to do – to leave – to cook – not to arrive – to win – not to find

    a. Look at that mess in the kitchen. Someone ___________ lunch.

    b. Where are Pete and Timmy? They ___________ the house.

    c. Oh dear, our train ___________ yet. We will be late for our meeting.

    d. Wait, George! I ___________ my homework yet. Could you help me?

    e. Emma can’t go shopping. She ___________ her purse.

    f. Liz and Sally are quite happy. They ___________ the first prize.

  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 14 Punkte


    Present perfect: simple or progressive form?

    a. Emma ___________________________ (always/want) to go to the most expensive restaurant in town.

    b. She _______________________ (never/be) there before, but tonight she has a date there with Lucas.

    c. Lucas __________________________ (look forward) to the evening with her for a long time.

    d. He doesn’t have a lot of money, but because he likes her a lot he _________________________ (agree) to take her to this exclusive place for dinner.

    e. Finally, the big evening __________________ (come).

    f. Emma is very angry, because she _______________________ (wait) for Lucas in front of the restaurant for 20 minutes by now.

    g. In the meantime, Lucas ____________________ (sit) in a pub since six o’clock.

    h. He ______________________ (talk) to an old friend and the two of them _______________________ (drink) a lot of beer. There is no end in sight when Lucas suddenly hears his mobile phone ringing.

    i. Emma: “Where ________________ (be)? I ____________________ (try) to phone you for 20 minutes now!”

    j. Lucas is shocked. He had completely forgotten about his date with Emma: “Emma! You won’t believe what happened! I ____________________ (just/have) an accident. But I’m alright. I will be with you in ten minutes.”

    k. Emma: “Oh dear! You’ll have to tell me everything as soon as you get here. But please hurry up. I _______________________ (stand) in the cold all this time.”

    l. There is no need to mention that Lucas ____________________ (have) a very bad conscience ever since that evening!

  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 6 Punkte


    Listen to the track twice and fill in the gaps.

    Inhalt wird geladen...

    Jim: “The weather is ______________ today, isn’t it?”

    Lilly: “Do you really think so? I’d say it’s rather ______________ for May.”

    Jim: “Well, it’s not raining. It ______________ all day yesterday. Wasn’t that awful?”

    Lilly: “I hope it’ll be ______________ tomorrow. I’ve bought myself a new skirt that I want to wear.”

    Jim: “Well, the forecast says that it’ll be quite ______________ tomorrow, with just a little ______________. So I'm sure you can wear it then.“

  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 8 Punkte



    a. Gastfamilie

    b. Freiheitsstatue

    c. Strand

    d. Ferien

    e. sightseeing

    f. different

    g. city

    h. fortunately

  • Aufgabe 5

    Dauer: 15 Minuten 16 Punkte


    You have finally reached your host family in California and have been staying with them for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday your best friend Dirk came to visit you. You are having a meal together with your guest family and of course they want to know a lot about Dirk. But Dirk’s English is not very good, so you have to translate for him.

    Translate into German what the family says. Then report Dirk’s answer to the guest family. You do not have to translate word by word.

    a. Father: So, what did you do before you arrived here, Dirk?

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    Dirk: Also, zuerst war ich drei Tage in New York. Dort habe ich Sightseeing gemacht, habe mir die Freiheitsstatue angesehen, den Central Park usw. Danach habe ich eine Woche lang meine Tante in Miami besucht. Die spricht  glücklicherweise Deutsch, darüber bin ich sehr froh, denn sonst hätte ich echt ein Problem gehabt.

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    b. Mother: Oh, Miami. I’ve never been there but I imagine it must be really nice. Did you go to the beach there?

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    Dirk: Ja, aber nur an einem Tag. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass hauptsächlich alte Menschen in Miami leben. Vielleicht bin ich aber auch einfach nur zur falschen Zeit da gewesen. Die Ferien haben ja noch nirgends angefangen.

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    c. Father: And how do you like it in California, so far? Do you think it is very different from where you come from in Germany?

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    Dirk: Nun, alles scheint hier viel größer zu sein. Die Straßen sind breiter, die Häuser sind höher, es ist viel lauter in der Stadt und ich glaube, dass ich noch nie zuvor so viele Menschen auf einem Haufen gesehen habe. Aber das ist wohl in großen deutschen Städten wie Berlin auch so. Ich komme vom Land, da bin ich das nicht so gewöhnt.

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    d. Mother: And what are you planning to see while you are here? San Francisco is such a big city, there are so many things worth seeing!

    You: __________________________________________________________________

    Dirk: Nun, ich würde mir sehr gerne die Golden Gate Brücke ansehen. Ich habe sie schon oft im Fernsehen gesehen und glaube, dass es aufregend ist, sie auch mal in Wirklichkeit zu sehen. Außerdem will ich mir auch eine Fahrt mit dem Cable Car nicht entgehen lassen. Ansonsten will ich einfach viel herumlaufen und fotografieren. Hauptsache, das Wetter ist gut!

    You: __________________________________________________________________