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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 5 Minuten 8 Punkte


    Write down the correct past tense and past participle forms of the following infinitives and translate them into German.

    infinitive past tense past participle German
    (to) catch      
    (to) fall      
    (to) meet      
    (to) eat      
    (to) drink      
    (to) feel      
    (to) know      
    (to) put      


  • Aufgabe 2

    Dauer: 6 Minuten 9 Punkte


    Fill in the correct relative pronoun (who, which, that, whose). If you don't need a pronoun, just write XXX.

    1. It is Rita _____ thinks that Justin Bieber is a great singer.

    2. That's the biggest concert hall ______ Justin Bieber has ever sung in.

    3. Moira is the girl ______ couldn't go to the concert.

    4. The tickets, ______ were very expensive, were the reason why she could not go.

    5. "Baby" was the song ______ made Justin Bieber famous.

    6. There is a huge shop in High Street ______ sells Justin Bieber CDs and other things ______ many of his fans want to buy.

    7. Jayden, _______ mother has never gone to a Justin Bieber concert, is probably his biggest fan.

    8. That's why her mum, ______ doesn't like this kind of music, is sometimes a bit annoyed by her.

  • Aufgabe 3

    Dauer: 9 Minuten 9 Punkte


    On a family trip to England, you are invited to the birthday party of your uncle, Nigel. There you talk to some other guests. The next morning, Nigel wants to know what they said about the party. Report to Nigel what Abigail, Peter and Sandra said.

    Use the information in the box and start like this: "Abigail said that...." Don't forget to use the backshift of tenses and to change pronouns.


    • "The food is very tasty."
    • "I helped with the decoration for the party."
    • "Nigel's cat is so sweet."


    • "I enjoy being here."
    • "My family will come again to Nigel's next party."
    • "I cannot dance."


    • "The music is not my taste."
    • "I have to be back home before midnight."
    • "I heard that Nigel's parties are the best."

    1. Abigail said that ___________________________________________________________.

    2. Abigail __________________________________________________________________.

    3. Abigail __________________________________________________________________.

    4. Peter ___________________________________________________________________.

    5. Peter ___________________________________________________________________.

    6. Peter ___________________________________________________________________.

    7. Sandra __________________________________________________________________.

    8. Sandra __________________________________________________________________.

    9. Sandra __________________________________________________________________.


  • Aufgabe 4

    Dauer: 10 Minuten 12 Punkte


    Read the following dialogue carefully. After that, say whether the statements below are right or wrong. If they are wrong, correct them.

    Caroline and Marcus are on their way home from school.

    Marcus: Oh, what a day. I was shocked when I got my Maths exam back.

    Caroline: Mine wasn't good either. But that was no surprise to me. I'm lost when I think about Maths.

    Marcus: Keep your chin up. Maybe we can learn together for the next test.

    Caroline: Sure, that would be great. Oh, look!

    Marcus: Oh no. What a crash. I hope nobody is hurt badly. The green car was so fast.

    Caroline: Yeah, and the motorbike didn't have a chance. The driver tried to move to the left, but it was too late.

    Marcus: I can't see an ambulance or the police. Maybe we should have a closer look.

    Caroline: I will make an emergency call. We can't do that alone.

    Some minutes later, Tredegar Road is crowded with an ambulance, two police cars, and a lot of people.

    Marcus: Look, Caroline. A rescue helicopter is coming.

    Caroline: I haven't seen anything like that before. I suppose that's because the biker has bad injuries.

    Marcus: Maybe we should talk to the police officer. We were the first people who saw what had happened.

    Police Officer: Oh, come on, kids. I don't have any time for you now. Please go home.

    Marcus: Sir, we saw the accident.

    Police Office: Oh, really? So, let's get away from the scene of the accident. Then you can tell me.

    Caroline: It was shocking. We were on our way back from school when there was that horrible crash. The green car was far too fast.

    Police Officer: What about the motorbike?

    Marcus: I think he was at normal speed. He tried to avoid an accident, but he didn't have a chance. What about the people?

    Police Officer: The car driver is okay, but he is shocked. He said he was sorry about it all. 

    Caroline: And the biker?

    Police Officer: I can't tell you exactly, but he will be taken to hospital. I think he has a broken leg, but he will be okay after a while.

    Caroline: Oh, thank you. 

    Police Officer: No, thank you. You are the heroes of the day.

    Caroline: Heroes? We?

    Police Officer: Yes, you are. You called us, didn't you? Sorry I didn't realise that straight on and tried to send you away.

    Marcus: Oh, you were only doing your job.

    Police Officer: Alright kids, you cannot do any more here. We will look after the drivers. Thanks again.

    Marcus: Goodbye, sir.

    Caroline: Bye.


    1. The blue car was too fast and crashed into the motorbike.


    2. The car driver has a broken leg.


    3. Caroline made an emergency call.


    4. The accident happened on Bristol Road.


    5. The accident happened in the morning.


    6. The police officer was a woman.


  • Aufgabe 5

    Dauer: 15 Minuten 15 Punkte


    In exercise 4, you learnt about an accident and about Caroline's and Marcus's role in the story. Now, write a report about the accident. Make sure you answer the wh-questions with the help of the information you read in the dialogue.