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False friends / Falsche Freunde

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Als false friends („falsche Freunde“) bezeichnet man jene englischen Wörter, die deutschen Wörtern sehr ähneln, aber etwas ganz anderes bedeuten. Wenn du etwas über confusables (leicht verwechselbare Wörter) erfahren willst, klicke hier.

Deutsch Englisch Deutsch Englisch
Chefkoch / Koch
Der Koch hier hat viele Preise gewonnen.
The chef here has won a lot of prizes.
Mein Chef ist häufig geschäftlich verreist.
boss / head of
My boss is often away on business.

Beispiele für "false friends"

In der linken Spalte steht das deutsche Wort, in der Mitte die richtige englische Entsprechung im Kontext und in der rechten Spalte der typische Fehler.

aktuell Global warming is a current problem. actual
bemerken I'm sorry. I didn't notice you. remark
brav I'm afraid Bonzo isn't very well-behaved. brave
dezent Please wear discreet/subdued clothing. decent
desinteressiert John's uninterested in school. disinterested
dick The doctor said I'm too fat. thick
eventuell Maybe we'll call in at the weekend. eventually
irritieren Don't distract Ann. She's counting. irritate
komfortabel They live in a luxurious flat in Berlin. comfortable
Land Bavaria is the biggest state in Germany. land
machen Have you done your homework yet? made
meinen Tom thinks Sally is fantastic. means
Menü The set meal costs $4.50. menu
miserabel This steak is absolutely awful. miserable
nächste The nearest post office is in Cherry Road. next
neueste Is this the latest version of Word? newest
Pension Guest houses are cheaper than hotels. pension
Politik The government's rail policy is crazy. politic(s)
Preis Our school won a prize of £1000. price
Rente I can't live on such a small pension. rent
Rezept Take this perscription to the chemist's. recipe
sensibel Jim's very sensitive about his big feet. sensible
seriös We only do business with reputable firms. serious
spenden Germans donate a lot of money to charity. spend
starten The plane took off two hours late. started
sympathisch Mrs Todd is a likeable woman. sympathetic
übersehen The driver overlooked a red light. oversaw


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