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    Choose one of the following tasks:

    The slogan “good immigration, not mass-immigration” (l.14f) caused a controversy. Discuss this slogan using your knowledge of immigration and ethnic communities in the UK.
    You are a doctor from India who has been living and working in the UK for several years as pointed out in David Cameron’s speech in lines 17 – 22. Write a letter to the Prime Minister in which you comment on the speech in the light of your experiences as an immigrant.


    Die Textgrundlage: David Cameron on immigration: full text of the speech.

    Hier bitte Paragraph 2,3,4 sowie 6,7 nicht beachten.
    Zu bearbeitender Text endet mit dem Satz: "So, taking all this into account, I believe controlling immigration and bringing it down is of vital importance to the future of our country."