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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 1 Minute


    Choose one of the following tasks:

    “Your mother did the right thing, Sylvia. You shouldn’t think she didn’t.” (l.37/38) Explain the grandmother’s statement and comment on the mother’s decision to leave her home country without her daughter. In your comment consider what can be done to help children in similar situations.
    Compare Sylvia’s experiences at “the rich people’s school” with those of another character from literature or film who feels he/she does not fit in due to his/her social and cultural background. Assess the way they deal with their situation.
    Later on Sylvia has become a teacher and witnesses bullying at her school. She decides to write an article for the school paper in which she comments on the effects of discrimination. She also suggests ways teachers and students can deal with the problem. Write this article using Sylvia’s childhood experiences as a starting point.