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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 1 Minute
    1. Outline Kapur’s views on India’s development. (Comprehension) (16 Punkte)
    2. Analyse how Kapur tries to communicate his views. Consider the article’s structure, argumentative techniques and use of language. (Analysis) (24 Punkte)
    3. Choose one of the following tasks:
      3.1 Referring to work done in class comment on the question to what extent India’s development as seen by Kapur reflects aspects of the American Dream. (Evaluation: comment) (20 Punkte)
      3.2 Imagine you are an American businessman who considers investing in India. Write a letter to the editor in which you refer to Kapur’s views. (Evaluation: re-creation of text) (20 Punkte)