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  • Aufgabe 1

    Dauer: 3 Stunden 30 Minuten

    Hinweis: Die Prozentangaben in Klammern zeigen die Gewichtung der einzelnen Aufgaben.

    1. Outline the Gunns’ situation and their reasons for undergoing genetic diagnosis. (Text A) (20 %)
    2. Show how the way the author presents the Gunns conveys her attitude towards them and their decision. Give evidence from the text. (Text A) (25 %)
    3. Mediation: You are part of an international science project on genetic engineering. For your project group, outline the information the German film provides about modern blood tests and how they influence the situation of future parents. (Text B) (20 %)
    4. Choose one of the following tasks:
      4.1 “This is an area in our lives that we can’t influence unless we pay for it.” (Text A, l. 24) Explain the quote and assess to what extent expensive procedures in science and technology can lead to social injustice. (35 %)
      4.2 Compare the Gunns’ efforts to create a perfect family with those of another family from literature, film or real life who use technology to improve their family life. Assess the way they cope. (35 %)
      4.3 Write a speech for an international youth conference on human cloning. Using information from Text A, discuss the consequences of trying to create perfect human beings with the help of genetic engineering. (35 %)

    Text A

    Text B