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Mediation: "Einwanderer als Chance: Neues Deutschland" by K. Werle


Hinweis: Die Prozentangaben in Klammern zeigt die Gewichtung der einzelnen Aufgaben.

For an international youth conference on Immigrants and their Opportunities, outline what you learn about Mr. Liu. (20 %)


After the national uprising in China in 1991 many young people left the country to escape from its negative consequences. One of them was Mr. Liu who set off for Germany without even knowing the language. He learned it within a year and started studying pedagogy, politics and English. To finance his studies Mr. Liu worked part-time not only as a waiter but also as an employee at UPS and as a journalist for a Chinese newspaper. In those days his motto was “Do your best and God will do the rest”. In 2005 Liu became Head of Human Resources for the chemical company Lanxess and today he is a much sought-after speaker. Although always smiling, he is pragmatic, obsessed with detail and a tough negotiator and his most important principle is self-responsibility.

To sum things up, Mr. Liu is a perfect example of an immigrant who successfully became integrated into German society and embraced his opportunities.

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