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Aufgabe 1

Listening comprehension 

Read the following statements and listen to the track. Tick the statements either right or wrong and correct the wrong statements.

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  right wrong
Mark and his parents are at the shopping centre. x  
They are looking for a present for Grandma Emily.   x
Mark is good at finding presents. x  
Mark's parents want to relax in a nearby museum.   x
Mark and his parents meet in front of the cinema.   x
Mark finds a present for his grandpa but he cannot show it to his parents. x  
Correct statements: 
They are looking for a present for Grandpa's birthday.
They want to relax in a nearby park.
They meet in front of the library. 
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  15 Minuten
  • Punkte:  6

Aufgabe 2


Listen to the track again and answer the following questions. Write whole sentences. 

  1. When is Grandfather's birthday? 
  2. What does Mark want to do at five o'clock? 
  3. What did Mark buy for his grandfather last year?
  4. Where can Mr and Mrs Jackson relax?
  5. What does Mark find for his grandpa? Why is it a good idea?
  6. What did Mark's parents buy for him? 


  1. Grandfather's birthday is on 2nd May. 
  2. Mark wants to be home to watch a basketball game on TV. 
  3. He bought a CD and a pullover last year. 
  4. They can relax in a park. 
  5. He finds a book about horses and horse racing. It's a good idea because his grandfather is keen on horses. 
  6. They bought a football for him. 
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  12

Aufgabe 3


Translate the red parts of the sentences into english. Use the negation.

  1. Wir wohnen nicht in Liverpool. Wir wohnen in Manchester. 
  2. Sarah macht ihre Hausaufgaben oft nicht
  3. Er spielt nicht Tennis. Er spielt Klavier. 
  4. Meine Eltern schauen abends nicht fern
  5. Meine Großmutter geht nicht ins Kino. 


  1. We don’t live – We live
  2. Sarah doesn’t do
  3. He doesn’t play – He plays
  4. My parents don’t watch TV
  5. My grandmother doesn’t go
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  5

Aufgabe 4



  1. Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?
  2. Entschuldigen Sie, wann fährt bitte der nächste Zug nach London?
  3. Möchten Sie einen Apfel?
  4. Wie alt bist du?
  5. Wie heißen Sie?


  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Excuse me, when is the next train to London, please?
  3. Would you like an apple?
  4. How old are you?
  5. What’s your name?
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  5
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