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Textverständnis und Analyse: Fiktionaler Text: "The Rich People's School" by. L. Kubuitsile


Hinweis: Die Prozentangaben in Klammern zeigt die Gewichtung der einzelnen Aufgaben.

  1. Summarize the information about Sylvia’s situation. (30 %)
  2. Examine Sylvia’s feelings about her fellow students and her grandmother. Give evidence from the text. (30 %)



Sylvia resides in her grandmother’s house in Africa because her mother married an American with whom she lives in the USA (see introduction). Her mother regularly forwarding money, Sylvia is able to attend a high priced private school (see introduction). There, she is harassed by her fellow students (ll.13f.). Her lunch box is taken away from her and destroyed in the process (ll.17-22). Thus, it is obvious that she is not welcome at her school (l.23).

After the harassment Sylvie decides not to convey the truth when telling her grandmother of the whereabouts of the lunch box, explaining her that it is not necessary anymore to take care of one’s own food because it will be provided by the teacher (ll.26-28). Furthermore, she does not go to the private school anymore considering it to be a place only for wealthy people (l.31) and instead lingering by a local river snoozing all day (see introduction). But when her grandmother finds out about her daily routine, she decides to help Sylvia and send her to a different school in the end (l.61).

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When Sylvia meets her fellow students, she is nervous because she does not know anyone. Furthermore, she is not used to seeing different skin colours (ll.1-4). Later during teatime, she is so hungry that she does not even realize the other students approaching her (ll9f.). At this very moment Sylvia feels indifferent about the others because she only wants to enjoy her meal. After having been encircled, Sylvia is scared because she does not understand what the students say and because of their threatening posture (ll.15f.). She is harassed and told to leave because she is considered a poor girl who is not supposed to attend private school, which is why Sylvia feels excluded (l.23).

When her grandmother fetches her from school, Sylvia is bashful about the happenings at school and does not tell her the truth about the lunch box (l.25f.). This lie causes a feeling of remorse within her and even continues when she is together with her grandmother (l.41), although her presence makes Sylvia happy (l.41). Furthermore, Sylvia feels secure when being embraced by her grandmother (ll.39f.; ll.51f.) as she is the only person in her life caring for her after her mother left for the USA. Therefore, Sylvia is overcome by guilt and reveals the truth when her grandmother discovers that her granddaughter does not attend school anymore (ll.56-59).

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