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Textverständnis und Analyse: Fiktionaler Text "The Rich People's School" by. L. Kubuitsile


Hinweis: Die Prozentangaben in Klammern zeigen die Gewichtung der einzelnen Aufgaben.

  1. Outline how Mark teaches Beauty to read and write.  (30%)
  2. Show how the author characterizes Beauty. Give evidence from the text.  (30%)



Mark tries to keep it simple and to teach Beauty step by step. First, he asks her if she knows the alphabet (l.17) which is the case. Although Beauty is not too self-confident about herself, she succeeds in saying out loud each letter (l.26).

Then, Beauty is supposed to write the alphabet in capital and small letters, which is no problem for her either (ll.30-31).

Obviously, Beauty knows the letters but she is not able to combine them into syllables or words. Therefore, Mark tells her that the letters produce different sounds (l.37).

Afterwards, he makes a list of three-letter words and they say them together (ll.39f.). Beauty keeps practising and soon she is able to read. Then, Mark reads out loud some words from the list and Beauty writes them down (ll.57f.).

Finally, Mark teaches her to write two consonants together (l.64).

To sum things up, it can be said that Beauty is taught to read and write in the same way pupils at primary school are. She starts with single letters, connects them with sounds and keeps practising until she goes on with more complex combinations.


The author directly characterizes Beauty and tells the readers about her personality. Every fact about her is mentioned in the text and is thus clearly visible.

Most of the information you find out about the female protagonist can be gathered from the introductory note. Her name is Beauty Begum and she is a Bangladeshi woman. Although she is already 19 years old, she cannot read or write. Beauty is from Wolverhampton but she has run away from her family and looks for a place to stay. After having been attacked by some Asian youths, Mark, the male protagonist, has helped her and offers her a place to stay

The family Beauty has run away from consists of her parents and her younger sister Sharifa (“little sis”, “her mum”, ll.67f.; “the old man”, ll.71f.; “Sharifa”, l.75). She hasn’t really been treated well as she is considered stupid and insane by them (“dumb for them”, l.71; “mad for them”, l.72), which can be one of the reasons why she has left her home.

Furthermore, Beauty had never got the attention she was looking for either from her parents or from her teachers or friends (”No one had explained it to her”, l.69; “No one had been patient with her or encouraged her”, l.73; “No one had ever asked her how she got on at school”, l.74.). It seems she has been neglected for her whole life.

Although being illiterate, Beauty can read and write single letters of the alphabet but she has problems with multiple combinations of them. After having practised with Mark, she is able to read in the end (“But she did know the alphabet”, l.20; “[Writing] big and small? She could do that as well.”, ll.30f.; “She could read.”, l.52).

Lastly, Beauty seems to enjoy the lessons and she becomes fond of her teacher. She smokes together with Mark in order to show her affection for him although she usually does not smoke which can be deduced from the fact that she dislikes the taste of the cigarette and gets dizzy at first (ll.55f.).

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