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Textverständnis und Analyse: Fiktionaler Text "Man and Boy" by. T. Parsons


Hinweis: Die Prozentangaben in Klammern zeigt die Gewichtung der einzelnen Aufgaben.

  1. Give an account of what happens on ‘The Marty Mann Show’. (20 %)
  2. Analyze how Marty is characterized. (25 %)



The ‘Marty Mann Show’ wants to present the audience authentic material (ll.1f.), which is why its primary objective is having people next door (l.5) instead of inviting aspiring celebrities wanting to promote their career (l.4). The show gives people a forum to talk about their problems (ll.6f.). Furthermore, the text explicitly mentions another particularity, which is used for a comical effect at the end of the excerpt, namely that there is a fly apparently living in the studio which keeps interfering with the show (l.19).

Marty, the presenter of the show, conducts an interview with Cliff, a young eco-activist (l.22f.). When Marty thanks his guest for being on the show (l.30) shaking his hand (l. 34), Cliff handcuffs himself to Marty (ll.37f.) and keeps protesting for the freedom of the birds (l.41). At first, the presenter of the show is surprised but soon he becomes angry and starts insulting Cliff (ll.42f.). Meanwhile, the director of the show keeps filming the protagonists (ll.45f.) as he anticipates that there is something spectacular going to happen. Then, the studio fly lands on Cliff’s nose (ll.51f.) and the story ends with Marty lifting a pitcher of water dashing it into Cliff’s face (ll.56-58).

(199 words)


Marty is both directly and indirectly characterized. On the one hand, the author explicitly presents general information about him and describes the way he behaves during the show. Marty is the presenter of the ‘Marty Mann Show’ (l.21). Towards his guests he is always friendly helping them to become acquainted with the cameras (ll.26f.). Furthermore, Marty is compassionate because he shows Cliff understanding regarding his protest campaign (ll.27). He recognizes his efforts on saving the trees at the airport and thanks him politely (ll.30f.).

On the other hand, Marty is characterized by his comments and behaviour, which reveal his true character and what he really thinks. Marty is perfectionist because he uses the text on the autocue (l.20) instead of improvising the lead-in. Moreover, he is hypocritical because the friendliness and politeness towards Cliff is greatly exaggerated. His words of thanks (ll.30-33), the handshake (l.34) as well as his smile after Cliff having taken out some handcuffs (l.37) are similar to a play produced with a view to public appeal. Accordingly, his reaction to Cliff’s appeal for freedom of the birds (l.42) reveals that Marty does not support his cause in no way whatsoever.
Furthermore, Marty is impatient. When having been put on the handcuffs by Cliff, Marty cannot wait to be released and starts insulting him (ll.42f.) instead of waiting for a possible explanation for this behaviour. Shortly thereafter, Marty takes matters into his hands and dashes the pitcher of water into Cliff’s face (ll.56-58), which illustrates the fact that he is a bold and determined character.

(258 words)

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