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Textproduktion: Letter "There’s oil up there move ahead on pipeline from Canada"


Write a letter to the editor commenting on the problem of creating jobs at the cost of the environment.


Dear Editor,

In your article “There’s oil up there: move ahead on pipeline from Canada” you expressly spoke in favour of a new oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in spite of environmental concerns. One of the arguments you brought forth was that such a pipeline would create new jobs in the US. Job creation is certainly a desirable aim, particularly in view of a stagnating US economy. I must, however, say that achieving this goal at the cost of our environment is not the right way.

In times when we are more than ever made aware of the effects of global warming by unseasonable hurricanes, unprecedented periods of drought and destructive floods, we can no longer ignore our collective responsibility to save our environment. Much as I know how unpopular the idea of environmental protection is in the minds of many Americans    when it clashes with economic interests, I must still say that I consider the all too popular point of job creation a knockout argument that will always, whatever environmental cause, stand in the way of preserving nature.  

Despite the fact that the Obama administration has done quite a lot to raise the USA’s share in environmental protection, the fact that the latest oil findings in Canada have created such a stir shows that there are still many people in America who are convinced that only oil fuels US economy. I can understand that in these economically difficult times many Americans out of work place their hopes in such a large-scale Canadian-American pipeline project. Cheap oil would help many businesses to their feet and create many jobs. Yet, in view of the ecological dangers of fossil fuels, I believe that job creation programmes should be directed more towards the innovative sector of renewable energies. Investing in old-fashioned and dirty energy when the latest climate report by the International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) has made clear the urgency to drastically lower worldwide CO2 emissions now, is not only the wrong signal. Ecologically speaking, it is plain suicidal. Forerunners in the field of renewable energies like Germany have shown that there is a potential for growth in this sector. Over the past two decades many new jobs have been created and as the number of students who have taken up their studies in the field of environmental engineering is still rising, I am convinced that this is what we have to invest in.

Summing up, I must say that creating jobs at the cost of the environment cannot work in the long run. As much as I can understand the necessity of economic growth, I believe we have to be aware of the costs. Chipping at our life bonds so carelessly and without any consideration to future generations, is, in my eyes, irresponsible.

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