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Textproduktion: Letter: "Sorry Bill Gates"


Write a letter to Bill Gates in which you develop your ideas concerning business ethics in today’s world. 

(30 BE)


Bill Gates

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Way 1

Redmond, WA 98052-8300


Your recent address on GMO crops as a means of solving world hunger


Dear Mr. Gates

In a recent speech you expressed your belief that genetically modified crops would be the solution to fighting starvation all over the globe. I am generally very impressed by your commitment to tackling world hunger. Therefore I must confess that I felt rather astonished by this announcement, having also very recently read that a team of no less than 900 scientists came to a very different result as concerns GMOs a few years ago. These experts did not only find the ineffectiveness of these GM crops in terms of higher yields compared with unmodified crops, they were also able to link these crops to various medical and ecological issues, like organ damage or muted insects.

I am assuming that since these findings received broad media attention that you were aware of the experts’ results before you gave your public speech in January 2012. What makes me further doubt the credibility of your words is the fact that you are a shareholder for Monsanto, the biotechnology company, which is at the moment market leader in producing genetically modified organisms. In view of a unanimous scientific echo, your fervent claim appears to me to be an attempt to defend the interests of Monsanto and its shareholders. Considering your position in world economy and society, your assertion seems morally doubtful.

I am of the opinion that a company which has gained such a dominant position on the market as Microsoft has a special responsibility. Little as I doubt the achievements of Microsoft in field of IT technology, I feel that in a free-market economy monopolies, in general, bear a certain potential danger of being misused in view of profit and influence. Market leaders like Microsoft and Monsanto must therefore be mindful of their exceptional social responsibility.

I would be very interested to know more about your views on this issue, particularly in the light of your recent speech about GMO crops. The positions expressed in this public address which seem to deny scientific findings rather give the impression that profit-oriented motives in the interests of Monsanto were the driving force for such a statement rather than social obligations.

If you wish to clarify your point, I would be much obliged if you could explain this apparent inconsistency in your business policy and elucidate how you define your social responsibility.


Yours sincerely,

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