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Textproduktion: Comment/Speech "The Imperfectionists" by Tom Rachman


Choose one of the following tasks:

On her way out of the conference room, Kathleen Solson encounters a Chinese American student. Comment on their conversation referring to job opportunities in times of globalization.  (40%)                                                                         or
Compare the protagonists’ unease when confronted with her personal past to the reaction of another character from literature or film who finds himself/herself in a similar situation. Assess the way they cope. (40%)
For your school’s bilingual project day on the future of newspapers you have to write the opening speech. Use Kathleen Solson and the changing situation at her newspaper as a starting point. (40%)

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When Kathleen Solson is waylaid by Winston Cheung looking for a job opportunity, he makes several mistakes. So what are the most important requirements for a job in times of globalization?

Firstly, Winston wants to talk to Kathleen when she is about to leave. Therefore, she stops him when he reels off his academic references (ll.26-30). A much better opportunity would be a personal appointment. Furthermore, Winston is not well-prepared for the conversation as he is nervous (l.40) and sweaty (l.28). A previous job application training could have helped him in this stressful situation.

Secondly, Winston’s studies of primatology (l.31) are very specific without any good prospects in future. Unfortunately, Kathleen’s newspaper does not have a science section (l.32) so she makes the proposal of writing general news reports (l.33). As can be seen from this suggestion, flexibility, which is the willingness to adapt and extend one’s knowledge, is crucial in the job market.

Thirdly, Winston lacks professional experience (l.40), which is very important in working life. A journalist who has already worked for several well-known newspapers will get a job more easily that an absolute beginner.

And fourthly, although having had the possibility of growing up bilingually, Winston does not speak any foreign language (l.40), which is a basic requirement in a globalised world in which one should speak not only English but also a second or third language.

Meeting all of the requirements mentioned above, there are several job opportunities at Kathleen’s international newspaper. You can work as a journalist at the local office in Rome writing English articles or, if any, at an international subsidiary of the newspaper publishing news reports in the respective language. Furthermore, you can be a foreign correspondent working in a specific country.

In a nutshell, the most important aspects when applying for a job in times of globalisation are a successful and well-prepared job interview, flexibility, professional experience and foreign language skills.

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Kathleen Solson and Claire from the drama “The Visit” meet their former lovers and behave in a very different way. But what is the best way to cope with an unpleasant situation from the past?  

Both women had to suffer from a bad breakup. Kathleen left her boyfriend, who was obviously angry about the situation (l.78) whereas Claire was impregnated by her lover Alfred who denied paternity, which caused her to flee and work as a prostitute.

When meeting Dario, Kathleen feels surprised (l.46) and uncomfortable (l.54; l.63). However, Claire is vindictive when coming back to her hometown offering one million pounds if her former lover is killed.

Furthermore, Kathleen still likes Dario. She jokes about his approach from behind (l.53) and apologises for not having contacted him prior to her stay in Rome (ll.57f.). Moreover, Kathleen expresses her regret when telling Dario that she has to leave (ll.64f.) and says goodbye caressing his back (l.77). Contrary to this, Claire has no feelings for Alfred anymore and simply wants him dead.

In addition, as Kathleen is nervous during this unexpected encounter, she starts talking about trivialities evading a deeper discussion about the past, such as her comment on Dario’s political orientation (l.71). It is obvious that she already knew about it when they were still together as she admits later (l.75). Claire, however, is determined and calculating. She bought all properties in town, closed down the businesses and admits to have caused the poverty of the people to encourage them to accept her offer and murder Alfred.

In my opinion, unpleasant situations are best left in the past. I do not agree with Claire’s reaction seeking revenge because I consider it exaggerated and against the law. Kathleen, however, focuses on her former love for Dario, which is a basis for their continuous friendship. Therefore, I think it is best to restrict yourself to the good times, which is the key for successfully coping with the past.

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Dear teachers and fellow students,

I’ll never forget the day on which my mother accidentally threw away my iPad, which I had left under some magazines. She thought it was all waste paper and brought it to the paper bank. So is the disposal of computers and tablet PCs the key for ensuring the future of newspapers?

In her speech at an international media conference, Kathleen Solson, editor-in-chief of an international newspaper based in Rome, talks about innovation and changes in the newspaper industry. But what does she mean? Let me recite some famous quotes on this topic.
Quality will prevail! The publications of newspapers like FAZ or Münchner Merkur have proven their high quality and reliability for many years and will definitely continue to do so in the future because they are respected and appreciated by many loyal readers.
Let me entertain you! As people tend to reading only short texts or news on the Internet, extensive and entertaining articles ensure a successful future for newspapers. It is a fact that prolonged exposure to computer screens causes visual fatigue, which is why leaning back in your sofa, having a cup of coffee and enjoying your morning newspaper is much more comfortable.
And last but not least: Don’t hesitate, innovate! A fee-based web edition, such as SportBild offers, attracts new readers and represents a solution with a guaranteed future. In addition to its print edition, SportBild has an e-paper and a second issue called SportBild Plus at your disposal, which can both be purchased online and read on Windows, Apple iOS and Android systems.

In a nutshell, the key words for saving the traditional newspapers are quality, entertainment and innovation. Now, would you excuse me? I have a rendezvous with my morning newspaper. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!
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