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Textaufgabe: Comprehension Sachtext


For multiple-choice or true/false questions please note:

  • Tick the correct solution(s)
  • Give reference from the text: Write down the line(s) plus the first three words and the last three words of the quotes(s) to support the solution you chose.

According to the text, the history of the British Empire is a topic that Example:

\(\checkmark\) British people try to ignore whenever possible

\(\Box\) British people want the rest of the world to focus on.

\(\Box\) fascinates many British historians.

\(\Box\) is being discussed in detail in Great Britain an all over the world.

line(s) 4/5                     quote: the history of…in Britain itself                              |0


1 The British school curriculum

\(\Box\) deals with the role of the British Empire in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

\(\Box\) focuses on the time after the British Empire.
\(\checkmark\) neglects the study of the British Empire altogether.
\(\Box\) requires the study of the British Empire in a global context.

lines(s) 10/11                  quote: The history of … British school curriculum               |1

2 When the author was a student, discussing the origins of multi-ethnicity in Britain could have resulted in

\(\Box\) arguments among teachers.

\(\checkmark\) confrontations among students.

\(\Box\) criticism of the curriculum.

\(\Box\) disputes between generations.

lines(s) 19/20                  quote: It would have … the very least.                                |1

3 In the TV series Empire the imperial past is portrayed in a well-balanced way.

\(\checkmark\) true

\(\Box\) false

lines(s) 23/24                 quote:Empire determinedly sets … sprightly  self-flagellation      |1     
line(s) 24/25                   quote: It was the … blood never dried,    
line(s) 26/27                   quote: 
what could literally … massive guilt trip.     

4 Complete the sentence in your OWN words.

According to the author the situation of the Egyptian in the tweed suit saying “All imperialism is bad.” (l. 29) is ironic because

the Egyptian doesn’t realize that he has already adopted British culture quite willingly.     |1

5 Tick the two correct solutions and give the appropriate quotes.

The Idea behind the TV series Empire is that confrontation with the British Empire would help the British to

\(\Box\) apologize for their ancestors’ cruel behavior.

\(\checkmark\) become aware of the crime of the empire.

\(\Box\) celebrate the changes it brought about.

\(\Box\) put it behind them and look to the future.

\(\checkmark\) understand ethnic diversity in Britain today.

lines(s) 30/31                  quote: But the program’s … empire’s sins   |1

lines(s) 33-35                  quote: It’s to the … the British people         |1

6 A new reality TV program in Britain focuses on

\(\checkmark\) how people from different ethnic backgrounds explore their shared identity.

\(\Box\) how people who live in Bradford deal with their ancestors’ past.

\(\Box\) what Britons form different ethnic backgrounds know about the unrest in Bradford.

\(\Box\) why people from different ethnic backgrounds live in Bradford.

lines(s) 38/40                  quote: a new reality … to live together.            |1
lines(s) 45-47                  quote: Their religious and … their common Britishness.

7 Complete the sentence in your OWN words.

According to the text Britons prefer to deal with problems by means of TV because

they prefer privacy to discussing problems in public. (cf. 62-64)            |1

8 Write the letters a, b, c, d in the appropriate column. One or more columns might remain empty.

TV program
TV program
Make Bradford British
TV program
TV program
  b, c d a
  1. attempting to cure a British ailment
  2. concentrating on the empire’s descendants
  3. featuring politically incorrect attitudes
  4. offering ready-made solutions                                                                       |2
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