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Sprachmittlung „Wenig ist genug“ by H. Brzoska


Sie bewerben sich um ein Praktikum bei dem US-amerikanischen Lifestyle-Magazin Equanimity. Ein Teil Ihrer Bewerbung ist ein Probeartikel zu Trends unter jungen Deutschen. Auf der Grundlage des folgenden Texts verfassen Sie einen englischsprachigen Artikel, in dem Sie Merkmale, Gründe und Ziele des „Wenig ist genug“-Trends vorstellen. Geben Sie Ihrem Artikel eine angemessene Überschrift. Ihr Text soll etwa 250 Wörter umfassen.


Less is enough: A new trend towards minimalism

Most young people strive for the same possessions and comfortable lifestyle their parents worked for. Some young Germans, however, are following a new trend of minimalism.

The reasons are manifold: While some feel that fewer possessions also means less responsibility, thus ridding their minds of the pressure of achieving more and more - which often means working harder - others have more idealistic motives. Trying to demonstrate their disapproval of mass production and inhumane working conditions or inacceptable pay, manipulation and waste of food or cruel treatment of animals, they reduce their personal consu­me­rism to an absolute minimum.

Literally trying to consume the least amount possible in every aspect of life, some even go as far as fasting. For some minimalists, finding the personal limits of just how little is possible is what attracts them to the trend. Especially for them, every item or luxury they can do without makes them feel like they are regaining control over their life.

Minimalists also feel that less distraction due to possessions (or the pursuit thereof) allows them to concentrate on what really matters. They go as far as sorting their friendships, and tend to reduce their social contacts to those that they value the most.

The philosophy of “less is enough” is a trend that not everyone can join. Minimalists are more likely to live in bigger cities within safe reach of public transport or nearby shops, and are less likely to be the breadwinner of a family living in a remote country area.

Interestingly, a smartphone and the internet are most likely to be seen as absolute necessities, even for minimalists. Maybe it is the internet and the constant availability of information and services that allow them to step away from materialistic possessions in the first place, as every need is merely a click away. That is, as long as reception and a stable connection are guaranteed.

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