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Sprachmittlung „Anonyme Bewerbungen – Wenn sich Personaler nicht mehr für Persönliches interessieren“ by R. Preuß


Im Rahmen des internationalen Schulprojekts „School’s over, what’s next?“ beschäftigen Sie sich u.a. mit Bewerbungen und Bewerbungsverfahren. Für den Internetauftritt verfassen Sie einen Artikel mit der Überschrift „Anonymized job applications – a chance for everyone?“. Stellen Sie in Ihrem Artikel dar, was anonymisierte Bewerbungen sind und welche Erfahrungen Stellensuchende und Firmen mit diesem Verfahren in Deutschland machen. Ihr Text soll etwa 250 Wörter umfassen.


“Anonymized job applications – a chance for everybody?”

A jopb application process focusing only on qualifications and leaving out all personal information is what anonymized job applications are all about. In the following, it will be shown how these applications work, as well as applicants and companies’ experience with this process in Germany.

To apply for a job, you have to fill in a standardized form online which excludes personal data like your name, gender, age or photos. Your application is based solely on school reports, diplomas and your work experience. Although this concept is relatively new in Germany, it is already widely used in the USA and Canada.

Applicants find it positive that only their qualifications count, which leads to better chances for women, people from different ethnic backgrounds, and older people. They are now invited to interviews from which they might previously have been excluded, because data that could lead to discrimination is omitted. But applicants also see a disadvantage in the lack of individualized information due to standardized application procedures.

Companies need a different approach to the application process. A positive outcome of this method is that they will exercise more objectivity in selecting suitable candidates for job interviews, because personal information such as photos or names will no longer influence their decisions. The downside of this method might be the time required for dealing with and organizing the applications, because they may need to invite more candidates to job interviews than before.

All in all, it can be said that this form of application process includes several advantages for both sides because of the objectivity with which candidates are considered. Even though these applications deny the applicants the chance to present their personal qualities up front, they will still have the opportunity to do so during the job interview.

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