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Mediation "Wenn sich Personaler nicht mehr für Persönliches interessieren" by R. Preuß


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Im Rahmen des internationalen Schulprojekts „School’s over, what’s next?“ beschäftigen Sie sich u.a. mit Bewerbungen und Bewerbungsverfahren. Für den Internetauftritt verfassen Sie einen Artikel mit der Überschrift „Anonymised job applications – a chance for everyone?“
Stellen Sie in Ihrem Artikel dar, was anonymisierte Bewerbungen sind und welche Erfahrungen Stellensuchende und Firmen mit diesem Verfahren in Deutschland machen.


Anonymized job applications – a chance for everyone?

You are 59 and your application papers are sent back to you the day they have been delivered? You are a single mom and none of your attempts to find a job have been successful? There is a new trend designed to stop this discriminatory selection of job applicants: More and more companies are providing applicants with the opportunity to submit anonymized job applications. It sounds like a dream come true. But how can this be achieved without missing out on important data?

Focus on qualifications first and foremost

Name, gender, age or photos provide information about a person’s background, but not about their qualifications. These can only be represented by school reports, diplomas, work experience or employment reference letters.
This approach is relatively new in Germany, but there are already a number of companies in the US or Canada who favor this system for job applications.
The benefits appear to be self-explanatory: The chances for women, people from different ethnic backgrounds and older people are increased. Their alleged disadvantages as employees based on assumptions about age-related or family-related energy-levels, cultural differences or simply perceived levels of attractiveness cannot be taken into consideration. Thus, a higher level of objectivity can be reached.

Is there still room for individualism?

An anonymised procedure certainly requires a completely new approach to the application process. This includes standardized online forms in which you only fill in specific data (such as certificates, references from former employers or certificates for special social engagement).
Critics state that up until the point when a candidate is chosen for a job interview, there is no chance to make one’s application stand out from the mass. Proponents like Melanie Koschorek from the German company Mydays argue that even despite the fact that this requires a slightly larger amount of work in the first run, there is still plenty of room in the second round to impress and distinguish oneself otherwise. But is there a noticeable change in who is picked? Koschorek relates her personal experience once more: Despite believing herself to be an experienced and neutral observer, she has found that without knowing about gender, age and looks, she now approaches candidates in the first round in a much less prejudiced manner than before, as looks and first impressions can and will be misleading.

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