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Mediation: "US-Schnüffelprogramm Prism. Setzt Google, Apple und Facebook endlich Grenzen!"


Your Spanish exchange partner is going to take part in an international discussion forum on the NSA Prism spying scandal. He has asked you for help in trying to find information on the subject. Outline Thewes’ view on the topic. 


Dear Mariluz

You asked me for some information about the Prism spying scandal last time. Here is what I found on the German Focus Online. It’s a commentary and in it the author, Frank Thewes, makes it clear that the world wide date collection mania has not only been an issue of concern since news about the NSA’s spying operation PRISM leaked out, but already before that. I’ve summed up his major points for you.

Thewes is of the opinion that US intelligence services get easy access to German internet users’ data since US companies like Google, Apple and Facebook have to provide this information. The user not being able to do something against it, we have, in Thewes’ view, just as little rights as if we were living in a military dictatorship. He criticises that US companies have a leading position on the market thus dictating the conditions under which other providers have to operate. This, in Thewes eyes, poses a threat to free-market economy since it creates dangerous monopolies.

Yet, Thewes believes that measures like splitting up businesses or interfering with a company’s freedom to conduct business cannot be the means of choice to solve the problem. Instead he demands more understanding and self-control by politicians as well as company leaders.

I hope, I was able to help you a little with this article. Good luck for your discussion forum.

All the best

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