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You are a participant in an EU schools project on women’s rights and on the introduction of quotas concerning the representation of women at the top executive level in major companies. For your international partners you summarize German views on the topic, e.g. this interview, which was originally broadcast on Deutschlandrundfunk.


In a radio interview for Deutschlandrundfunk, Rita Pawelski, spokeswoman for the female politicians of the Christian Democratic Party in the German Parliament, explained her views on a women’s quota for leading German companies to radio host Tobias Armbrüster.

Pawelski considers it necessary to put more pressure on the major German enterprises to fill more directors’ posts with women as it is clear that mixed executive boards proved more constructive than purely male dominated ones. In view of the demographic change and a lack of qualified personnel, Germany could not afford to lose highly trained women.

Pawelski is confident that the plan developed by the CDU will raise the number of women as directors and members of the board to up to 30% by 2018. In her view, the plan is already paying off as the number of female board members in leading German enterprises has already risen from two at the time of its initiation to seven to date. However, despite her ambitious goal, Pawelski does not favour the idea of a legally fixed quota and instead beliefs that the companies should go their own way in raising the number of women in leading positions.

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