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Mediation: Führerschein mit 16? Auf gar keinen Fall!


Point out the arguments the text provides for and against driving at age sixteen.

Hinweis: Die Rechtschreibung entspricht der Textvorlage.


The article “Führerschein mit 16? Auf gar keinen Fall!” in the Hamburger Abendblatt provides several reasons for and against driving at sixteen, but it makes also clear that the negative aspects of such an initiative prevail.

Reasons named that support the idea of allowing 16-year-olds to drive a car are that at a time when young people are forced to grow up earlier, they should also have freedom and responsibility. In the author’s view youngsters at that age cannot yet estimate risks and are disproportionately more often involved in accidents. Moreover the fact that young people at sixteen do not yet have enough money for a car of their own might lead to conflicts between parents and their children about who is to have the family car and when. Another point of concern for the author is that with a car, many youngsters might set the wrong priorities and spend their time cruising around rather than studying. In his opinion particularly school dropouts might see driving around in their car as a way to escape reality. Besides this he fears that in times of rising youth crime a driving licence might be another useful tool for youngsters to commit criminal deeds.

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