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Analyzing a Cartoon: "Bed time scenario" (erhöhtes Anforderungsniveau)


Describe and interpret the following cartoon. Comment on its message.

Analyzing a Cartoon: "Bed time scenario" (erhöhtes Anforderungsniveau) - Abbildung 1


The cartoon given shows a father and daughter bed time scenario. The scene depicts a father who is sitting in his daughter’s bedroom reading a bedtime story to his daughter whereas the girl is lying in her bed. The father is sitting in a chair next to her bed. The girl seems to be telling something to her father. The girl’s statement, written in the caption, seems to be confusing for her father as he is looking quite puzzled. As the girl mentions “Prince Charming” and the “glass slipper” her father was probably just reading the story of Cinderella to her. In that story, the prince was looking for his future bride but his only hint was the slipper she had left behind, so the search for him was quite hard. The little girl, however, seems to be wondering why the prince went through this enormous trouble searching his whole kingdom for Cinderella, when he could have just searched for her on the internet. The cartoon alludes to the fact that nowadays the internet is deep-rooted in everyday life – especially for the young generation. Children and teenagers are so used to the world wide web, that they can’t imagine a life without it. The idea of a time when people couldn’t use the internet, because it simply didn’t exist, doesn’t even occur to the little girl of that cartoon. The father on the other hand, looks completely puzzled, almost shocked, by his daughter’s question. This also somehow represents the generation clash regarding the internet. In my opinion, the cartoonist definitely has a point, when he hints at the fact that children and teenagers might be too focused on the internet these days.

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