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Originalaufgabe: Textproduktion: Comment/Letter: "Beauty" by R. Selbourne

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    Choose one of the following tasks:

    “No one had been patient with her or encouraged her […].” (l. 73)

    Explain how the experience described in the quote influences Beauty’s reaction to Mark’s teaching. Comment on the importance of emotional support for personal development.or Compare the way Mark helps Beauty with how another character from literature of film supports someone else in a difficult situation. Assess the way Mark and the character of your choice act.or You as a student of English have been asked by the editors of a reader on Ethnic Diversity to assess the suitability of the excerpt for demonstrating how people from different backgrounds can come together. Address your letter to:

    Editors of the Education DivisionThe Random House Group Limited20 Vauxhall Bridge Road,London SW 1V 2SAGreat Britain
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    Source: Selbourne, Raphael. Beauty. Birmingham: Tindal Street Press, 2009, 267-270