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Originalaufgabe: Aufgabenstellung 1 (GK)

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    1. Outline the way the family in Text A use modern media and how this use influences their family life. (30 %)
    2. Analyze the cartoon (Text B) and show how it relates to the message of Text A. Give evidence from Text A. (30 %)
    3. Choose one of the following tasks:
      3.1 “Actual life may be duller, and more prone to conflict, than virtual life. But it has this one, signal advantage: it is real.” (Text A, ll. 38-40) Explain the quote and discuss the author’s views on virtual and real life. (40 %)
      3.2 Compare Tim Lott’s experiences with modern technology to those of a character from literature or film who is also confronted with the impact of modern technological developments on his/her social surroundings. Assess the way they cope. (40 %)
      3.3 Write a letter to the editor commenting on the author’s suggestion that the daily use of computers and smartphones should be restricted, especially in families. Address your letter to: Letters to the Editor The Guardian Kings Place 90 York Way London N1 9GU, UK
      (40 %)


    Text A: siehe Downloadbereich

    Text B: http://www.brucesallan.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Screen-shot-2013-…