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Passive (2)

Aufgabe 1


Read the text and find headings for each paragraph of the text.


Paragraph number heading
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  15 Minuten
  • Punkte:  14

Aufgabe 2


Summarize Susan and Caroline's report in German. Write 5-6 sentences. Make sure to answer the following questions:

  • Wie lange sind Caroline und Susan schon in Delhi? 
  • Wo/Wie leben sie? 
  • Welche Probleme gibt es? 
  • Wie bewegen sie sich in der Stadt? 
  • Wie kommen sie mit der Situation zurecht, z.B. beim Einkaufen?
  • Wie geht es ihnen insgesamt?  

Tip: When you mediate you do not translate directly.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  20

Aufgabe 3


Put the following verbs into the given time and passive. 

to tell (present perfect simple) →                                  
to spend (simple past)                                   
to bite (will-future)                                  
must find (simple present)                                  
to drive (past perfect simple)                                  
to keep (simple past)                                  
to sing (present perfect)                                   

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  7

Aufgabe 4


Use the impersonal passive to rewrite the following sentences. Use  
a)  the structure It is believed that …
b)  the structure subject + passive + to-infinitive.

1. People believe that life without modern technology is impossible in the year 2010. 

2. Many people think that Madonna is the most important pop star of our time.

3. They say that seven people died in the accident.

4. Peple expect that this politician will step down soon.

5. A journalist reported that the President is in hospital. 

6. People think that child abuse is the worst of all crimes.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  12

Aufgabe 5


Transform the following sentences into passive. 

  1. The team must follow the rules.
  2. All members of the team have to wear their team shirt.
  3. The goalkeeper ought to keep the goal clear.
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  3
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