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Klassenarbeit: Pronomen 1

Aufgabe 1


Thomas is talking to his father about his first day in the new school. Fill in the spaces with the missing pronouns.

  1. Mr Simpson: "Hi Thomas, how was the first day at         (deiner) new school?"
  2. Thomas: “Hi Dad,         (meine) new school is not too bad. My classmates are friendly and         (unser) classroom is nice, too."
  3. Mr Simpson: "What does it look like?" Thomas: "Well,         (es) is a big room with lots of posters.         (Seine) windows are also big, so we can look outside when the lessons are boring."
  4. Mr Simpson: "Oh dear. Are         (deine) new teachers so boring?"
  5. Thomas: "I don’t know yet. Our English teacher, Miss Walker, is nice.         (ihre) two sons are in         (meiner) class as well.         (Ihr) table is next to         (meinem)."
  6. Mr Simpson: "Well, you must be hungry.         (dein) dinner is on the kitchen table."
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  11

Aufgabe 2


Fill in the missing pronouns.



Singular 1. Person I    
2. Person      
3. Person      
Plural 1. Person      
2. Person      
3. Person      


  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  17

Aufgabe 3


Translate the words written in bold into English.

  1. Ich bat sie (meine Geschwister)         um Hilfe. Bitte lasse den Kuchen stehen.
  2. Das ist unserer ​       .
  3.  John brach sich beim Fußballspielen das Bein ​       .
  4. Wo ist euer Lehrer ​       ?
  5. Hier ist dein Geldbeutel. Ist das deiner ​       ?
  6.  Mike und John feiern ihre Geburtstage ​        gemeinsam.
  7. Die Maus frisst ihren Käse ​       .
  8. Ms Williams hat ihre Tasche ​        verloren.
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  9

Aufgabe 4


Read the following text and solve the task below.

The new car

Colin’s father has a new car. It is very big, very fast, very expensive1 and very beautiful. 
Every weekend, Colin and his father wash the car. Colin’s father parks it outside his house. He wants all the people in the street to see this beautiful car. 
Colin loves to show his friends his father’s car. His father only puts it in the garage when it is raining. Colin doesn’t like rain because he wants all his friends to see the car. He wants them to say, “Oh Colin, your dad’s got a great car,” or “Oh Colin, that’s a very fast car.” 
One day, Colin’s father is standing outside his house. He is talking to some people about his car. Then it starts to rain. 
”Oh no!” says his father, “It’s raining. Wait a minute please!” 
He runs inside the house. Where are the keys2 to his garage? He can’t find them. He looks outside. Terrible rain is falling on his car. He takes an umbrella3 and runs back into the street. 
“Why do you need the umbrella?” asked Colin. 
Colin’s father laughs. “Silly boy, it’s raining.”
“But if you don’t like the rain you can sit in your car.”
Colin’s father laughs. “No, Colin, the umbrella isn’t for me. It’s for my car.”
His father opens his umbrella and stands in the rain. He holds the umbrella over his car. Soon he is very wet4. But the car’s roof is dry5. More people come to watch.
“You see, Colin,” says his father. “Everybody wants to see my new car. It is so big, so fast, so expensive and so beautiful.”
“No, Dad,” answers Colin. “They don’t want to see your car. They want to see a wet man holding an umbrella over his car.”

1 expensive = teuer
2 keys = Schlüssel
3 umbrella = Regenschirm
4 wet = nass
5 dry = trocken

Find the right answers.

  1. Colin’s father washes his car …
    1. every week.
    2. every mouth.
    3. every day.
  2. Colin’s father parks his car outside because …
    1. he wants all the people to see him.
    2. he wants all the people to see it.
    3. he can’t find the keys to the garage.
  3. Colin loves to show his friends his father’s new car because …
    1. he loves his friends.
    2. he loves the car.
    3. he loves his friends saying it is a great car.
  4. When it starts to rain Colin’s father is talking about …
    1. some people.
    2. Colin.
    3. his car.
  5. Colin’s father looks for the garage keys …
    1. in the garden.
    2. in the house.
    3. in the car.
  6. Everybody wants to see …
    1. a wet man with an umbrella.
    2. a man with a car.
    3. a wet car and a wet man.
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  15 Minuten
  • Punkte:  6

Aufgabe 5


Find the opposite for these words. They are all in the text of Aufgabe 4.

  1. small
  2. slow
  3. inside
  4. loves
  5. stops
  6. great
  7. closes
  8. stand
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  8
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