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Klassenarbeit: Future 1

Aufgabe 1


What’s wrong?

a. sea, museum, lake, swimming pool

b. bus station, airport, station, library

c. nice, hotel, interesting, beautiful

d. church, museum, library, weather

e. beach, postcard, sunshine, sea

f. fun, relax, enjoy, go swimming

g. boring, good, nice, beautiful

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  7

Aufgabe 2


Fill in the correct word.

Dear Jason,

I’m here on ___________ (Brighton, London, holiday). It’s great here.

I love the sea and the beach. The weather is ___________ (open, short, fantastic). I play beach volleyball ___________ (every day, tomorrow, yesterday).

___________ (At the moment, Tomorrow, Every morning) I’m going to go fishing with my dad. That’s fun. In the evening we are going to have a barbecue. Yesterday I went ____________ (playing, swimming, seeing). The water was very cold. But the best thing was the disco ___________ (last night, next week, next day). Girls! I’m ___________ (going to meet, go meeting, meet) Jane at the swimming pool this evening. See you ___________ (soon, often, never).



Mark the correct answer.

[  ] Jason likes a girl.

[  ] The girls like Robin.

[  ] Robin likes a girl.


[  ] Robin is on holiday alone.

[  ] Robin is with his sister Jane.

[  ] Robin is with his dad.


[  ] The weather is cold.

[  ] The weather is great.

[  ] The weather is fun.


[  ] Robin is at the swimming pool every evening.

[  ] He likes swimming.

[  ] He goes to the swimming pool because he likes Jane.


[  ] Robin hates sports.

[  ] He doesn’t like girls.

[  ] He likes fishing.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  13

Aufgabe 3


Fill in the correct form of the going-to-future.

Tina: "Hi, Katie, I ____________ (to see) my Uncle Will in London. He is really nice. We ____________ (to meet) my cousin Phil at the airport. He  ____________ (to come) by plane. He ____________ (not take) the train. What you ____________ (to do) next week?"
Katie: "I ____________ (to clean) my room because my friend Molly ____________ (to stay) with us at the weekend. She ____________ (to help) me fix my computer. We ____________ (to play) my new computer game. Are you at home on Sunday, Tina?"
Tina: "No, I’m not. Uncle Will and I ____________ (to stay) in London for the weekend."

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  2
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  10

Aufgabe 4


Make sentences.

visit London – ride their bikes – play tennis – take photos – lie on the beach

a. SamKlassenarbeit: Future 1 - Abbildung 1

b. Mr and Mrs JohnsonKlassenarbeit: Future 1 - Abbildung 2

c. JennyKlassenarbeit: Future 1 - Abbildung 3

d. Sarah and her friendKlassenarbeit: Future 1 - Abbildung 4

e. Mrs BrownKlassenarbeit: Future 1 - Abbildung 5

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  10

Aufgabe 5


Fill in some or any.

a. Ann has got _________ friends in Australia.

b. There aren’t _________ high mountains in Denmark.

c. Have you got _________ good books about Scotland?

d. I haven’t got _________ British money.

e. There are _________ good restaurants in the centre of town.

f. But there aren’t _________ interesting museums.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  1
  • Zeit:  5 Minuten
  • Punkte:  6

Aufgabe 6


Say it in English.

a. Ich hätte gern ein paar Postkarten.

b. Ich brauche keine Briefmarken.

c. Kann ich bitte etwas Saft haben?

d. Ich habe einige schöne Poster aus Schottland.

  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:  3
  • Zeit:  10 Minuten
  • Punkte:  8
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