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Originalaufgabe: Aufgabenstellung 2 (GK)


Hinweis: Die Prozentangaben in Klammern zeigen die Gewichtung der einzelnen Aufgaben.

  1. Outline what happens in the audition room. (30 %)
  2. Examine how the author illustrates Mr. Luong’s feelings during and after the audition. Give evidence from the text. (30 %)
  3. Choose one of the following tasks:
    3.1 She didn’t dare check her father’s reaction when she said, “Yes. I’ll translate.” (ll. 37/38) Explain the quote and reflect on the role language plays in integration; use Mr. Luong’s experience as a starting point. (40 %)
    3.2 Compare Mr. Luong’s difficulties with those of a character from literature or film who also fights for recognition. Assess the way they cope with their situations. (40 %)
    3.3 In an online article for a media project on career prospects, discuss whether talent shows can be a chance for Mr. Luong and people in general to realize their dreams. (40 %)
  • Zeit:  210 Minuten
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