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Originalaufgabe: Aufgabenstellung 1


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  1. Outline the information about how the parents and their children experience their stay in India. (Text A) (30 %)
  2. Analyze the DVD cover (Text B) and explain to what extent it reflects ideas of Text A. Give evidence from Text A. (30 %)
  3. Choose one of the following tasks: 3.1 “I’m scared, Goggles […].” (Text A, ll. 19/20) Assess to what extent Sonia’s and Gogol’s reactions to India are typical of second-generation immigrants’ attitudes towards their parents’ homeland. (40 %)
    3.2 Compare Mr. and Mrs. Ganguli’s homecoming to India with that of another immigrant character from film or literature who returns home to visit his/her family. Assess the way they cope with their situations. (40 %)
    3.3 At a youth conference back in the USA, Gogol gives a speech discussing the experience of living between two cultures. Using his personal experience as a starting point, write the speech including your general knowledge about living in two different cultural settings. (40 %)
  • Zeit:  390 Minuten

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Material B

Originalaufgabe: Aufgabenstellung 1 - Abbildung 1

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